Here’s a sample of the 20 essential “Life Skills” needed to have a happy, productive, fulfilling life. Take the Life Skills Quiz to find out where you stand! It’s easy. Just answer each question honestly and spontaneously. Don’t spend time deliberating over your responses. And relax! There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, just information that gives you insights and serves as helpful guides for new learning.



▢ ▢ 1. Do you often find yourself suspicious of people’s motives and behavior?

▢ ▢ 2. Do you avoid getting to know people because you don’t trust them?
▢ ▢ 3. Do you get into relationships quickly and find out later that you should have been more cautious?

▢ ▢ 4. Do you trust people instantly without questioning their qualifications or letting trust develop over time?   

▢ ▢ 5. Do you follow other people’s advice when you know you should trust your own intuition?



▢ ▢ 6. Do you often feel a sense of separateness or alienation from other people?

▢ ▢ 7. When something upsetting happens, are you surprised by your lack of response?

▢ ▢ 8. When others are terrified by events such as earthquakes or turbulent airplane flights, do you find yourself sort of ‘anesthetized’?

▢ ▢ 9. Do you find yourself constantly fantasizing instead of dealing with real situations?

▢ ▢ 10. Have people told you or do you see that your face looks frozen or wooden or lacks



▢ ▢ 11. Do you question whether you are feeling the right emotion – happy, sad, excited – at weddings, funerals, football games or other significant occasions?

▢ ▢ 12. When a person asks you what you are feeling do you have a hard time knowing what to say?

▢ ▢ 13. When you cry or are angry, do you sometimes worry that your emotions will overwhelm you tot he point where you will lose control?
▢ ▢ 14. Did your family ever put you down for being ‘in the dumps’ or ‘on cloud nine’ or simply too emotional? Were you ridiculed when you expressed genuine feelings?

▢ ▢15. Do you regularly find yourself getting very upset at little things – a friend being ten minutes late or the garbage disposal breaking down?



▢ ▢ 16. After you schedule a leisure activity, does it become an obligation rather than a pleasure?

▢ ▢ 17. Is fun something you will get around to when all your work is done?

▢ ▢ 18. Do you have productive hobbies such as running, reading or gardening, but find things like jokes, singing or blowing bubbles silly or ‘beneath you’?

▢ ▢ 19. At a party or when out with friends do you often feel you are the only one not having a good time?

▢ ▢ 20. Does the thought of taking a vacation make you feel guilty?




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