All Workshops are on Saturdays from 10 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time and cost $125.

Creating Your Spiritual Team

September 26, 2020

Have you felt you have a guardian angel or guide? You can develop an active relationship with those spiritual beings. In this workshop, we will use your natural ability to vision to create your inner garden and spiritual team. When you have that, you can call on them for healing, information, power, protection, and support. SEE Inner Garden article for more information. Sat, Sept 26, 2020, 10-3 pm PDT, $125

Finding Your Life Purpose

October 24, 2020

Have you wondered what your purpose in life is? In this workshop, we will look at your soul contract you made when you came into this life. We will identify the life purpose, talents, gifts, and challenges you took on. Living in alignment with your purpose can bring you deep satisfaction and fulfillment. To participate in this workshop, you need a strong relationship with your spiritual team. Saturday, October 24, 2020, 10-3 pm PDT, $125

Light Columns for Healing The Earth

November 14, 2020

Are you an Earth keeper? Are you called to heal the Earth? In this workshop, you will receive an Egyptian initiation that will give you the ability to install light columns for healing anywhere on the planet. The practice takes about a minute; and not only raises your vibration but that Earth's as well. One participant said, "When I received the light column initiation, I felt an explosion of love and light in my heart that flowed through my whole body. Now, I have something I can do for the world." SEE How Light Columns Came to Be. Saturday November 14, 2020, 10-3 pm PDT $125

"I wish all my clients could work with Jill because her work can get six months’ worth of therapy done in a session or two."  - Barbara Churchill, Nutrition Counselor.

“Jill has a depth of knowledge and the ability to bring the skills she is teaching to life making learning more meaningful and fun.” ~ Katie Easterwood, LCSW

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